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Ruling clarifies sovereignty and maritime claims in East Sea dispute

A Vietnamese expert has said the awards by the PCA on the Philippines’s lawsuit against China’s claims in East Sea brought clarity to sovereignty and maritime claims aspects on the East Sea.

30/12/2016 | 17:22

Provinces asked to promote sea-based economy

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged central Quang Nam province to pay heed to promoting sea-based economy

30/12/2016 | 17:18

Indonesian official: COC essential to maintain regional stability, peace

A Code of Conduct in the East Sea (South China Sea) (COC) is essential to maintain regional stability and peace, said ArrmanathaNasir, Spokesman of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry

30/12/2016 | 17:14

ASEAN, China urged to achieve peace in East Sea

The partnership between ASEAN and China should be able to realise peace, stability and security in South China Sea, said Indonesian President JokoWidodo.

30/12/2016 | 17:11

Indonesia, Malaysian leaders discuss East Sea issue

Indonesia does not want the East Sea (internationally known as South China Sea) to become an arena for "power projection" by big powers.

30/12/2016 | 17:09

Russian expert stresses peaceful measures for East Sea issue

Dr. Vladimir Evseev, Deputy Director of Russia’s Institute of Commonwealth Countries, has stressed that any territorial dispute should be resolved by peaceful measures in line with international law.

30/12/2016 | 17:07

Peace in East Sea benefits all

Song Yann-Huei, Research Fellow at the Taiwanese Sinica Academy’s Institute of European and American Studies, has stressed that peace in the East Sea is in the interest of all countries

30/12/2016 | 17:03

East Sea situation to be affected by upcoming policies

Japanese former Vice Minister of Defence Tokuchi Hideshi has said that the future situation in East Sea would be affected by upcoming policies made by the US, China and ASEAN member countries.

30/12/2016 | 16:36

East Sea issue: China’s acts totally different from its sayings

All what China is saying are totally different from what it is saying as it continues taking illegal actions in the East Sea, said columnist Kim Tuan.

30/12/2016 | 16:31

Why China’s behavior in East Sea is not surprising

China’s recent actions in the East Sea should not come as a surprise

30/12/2016 | 16:26

VNA names East Sea-related tribunal ruling top world event

The Vietnam News Agency has selected the final ruling on the Philippines lawsuit against China’s claims in the East Sea by the PCA as one of the top ten world events in 2016.

30/12/2016 | 16:05

Why US and close allies fail in East Sea policy?

The policy of the United States and its close allies in the East Sea has failed.

30/12/2016 | 16:02