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Tuan Chau – Beautiful island on coast of East Sea

Tuan Chau Island is located on the south-west side of Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, which borders the East Sea.

29/12/2016 | 17:42

Trinh Nu Grotto – Symbol of true love in East Sea

Trinh Nu Grotto or Virgin Grotto is situated on the island range of Bo Hon in the East Sea, as part of the system comprising Sung Sot Grotto, Dong Tien Lake and Luon Grotto.

29/12/2016 | 17:40

Surprise Grotto in UNESCO-recognized world heritage area

Situated in the centre of the UNESCO-recognized World Heritage area, Sung Sot or Surprise Grotto is on Bo Hon Island. It is one of the finest and widest grottoes of Ha Long Bay.

29/12/2016 | 17:38

Quan Lan Island lies on important sea route

Quan Lan Island in the East Sea, which belongs to Bai Tu Long Bay, covers an area of 11km², and features eight populated hamlets.

29/12/2016 | 17:35

Ba Mun Island and Bai Tu Long National Park

Ba Mun Island is a schist island in the East Sea, which belongs to Minh Chau Commune, Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province.

29/12/2016 | 17:06

An overview of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is located in the northeastern part of Vietnam and constitutes part of the western bank of Bac Bo Gulf, including the East Sea area of Ha Long City, Cam Pha City and part of Van Don island

29/12/2016 | 16:58

Titov Island in UNESCO-recognised Ha Long Bay

Titov Island in the East Sea is situated about 7-8km to the south-east of Bai Chay in the northern coastal province of Quang Ninh.

29/12/2016 | 16:36

Ngoc Vung Island – Pretty site in East Sea

Ngoc Vung Island is a pretty site sitting between Net Islet and Phuong Hoang (Phoenix) Island in Van Don District, the northern coastal province of Quang Ninh.

29/12/2016 | 16:28

Cua Van fishing village in Quang Ninh province

Cua Van is situated in Hung Thang Ward, Ha Long City, 20km away from the tourist boat wharf, the fishing village lies in a calm bay surrounded by mountains in the East Sea.

29/12/2016 | 16:09

Bai Tu Long Bay – another heaven in Quang Ninh province

Bai Tu Long Bay in the northeastern coastal province of Quang Ninh is described as a secret heaven as it is less known than its sister Ha Long Bay, which is compared a glamorous beauty queen surrounde

26/12/2016 | 15:59

Home-stay diversifies Ha Long Bay tourism products

With home-stay services, tourists have a chance to experience the daily life in Yen Duc commune, Dong Trieu district, northeastern Quang Ninh province. The new tourist model not only helps popularise

22/12/2016 | 15:41

Northern coastal Quang Ninh province receives 8.35 million tourists

The northern coastal province of Quang Ninh has to date received around 8.35 million tourists, exceeding the target set for the period by 4 percent

13/12/2016 | 15:37