Con Co Island of East Sea strives to become culture, tourism spot

TTXVN-VNA | 30-12-2016 | 09:19

Con Co Island. (Photo: Internet)

Quang Tri (VNA) – Located 17 miles off the mainland of the central province of Quang Tri, Con Co island district is sparing no effort to become a culture and tourism spot.

Founded in 2004, Con Co island district has made tremendous development achievements in the past 12 years.

With a focus on the fields of tourism, service, fisheries and agro-forestry, the island district has carried out essential construction projects such as fishing ports, fisheries logistic centres, protection dyke as well as transport system while striving to bring electricity and clean water to all households on the island.

In 2013, Con Co island district lured nearly 180 billion VND in investment capital, doubling the figure in 2012. The total State budget collection reached nearly 19 billion VND, making up 109.2 percent of the plan, up 47.39 percent compared to 2012.

To date, 100 percent of the island’s children are enabled to go to school. Social and cultural activities have been held frequently, which partly meets the demand of officers, soldiers and local people on the island.

With those achievement and a renowned history as a pivotal battlefield during Vietnam’s resistance war against the US, Con Co island district aims to become a tourism and culture spot in the Gulf of Tonkin in the future./.