Cam Ranh port – a new stop on the East Sea

TTXVN-VNA | 30-12-2016 | 09:25

Cam Ranh International Port. (Photo: Cam Ranh Portal)

Hanoi (VNA) – As of August 15, 2016, a regulation on management of operation of the Cam Ranh International Port in central coastal province of Khanh Hoa officially takes effect. The regulation, signed by the Prime Minister, has helped turn the port into an idea stop for both home and foreign vessels on the East Sea route.

In May 2016, two Indian naval vessels namely INS SATPURA and INS KIRCH moored at the port for a 5-day official visit to Vietnam. The event proved the port’s capacity in providing full logistic services for both civil and naval vessels.

Cam Ranh port is located in a strategic position on the East Sea and it is the nearest location to approach international shipping routes.


The port is expected to become a destination for exchange activities to enhance ties between Vietnamese and international naval forces, helping lift Vietnam’s position on regional and international arena, contributing to realizing the goal of developing a peaceful and stable East Sea area.

The port’s current operation focuses on maritime services for military and tourist ships, ship repair and tourism services.


From March 2016 to the end of August 2016 the port received nine naval vessels from Singapore, Japan, France, Russia, and India. In September 2016, the port welcomed the Legend of the Seas liner with more than 2,000 tourists and crew members on board./.