Kim Son district moves to develop sea-based economy

TTXVN-VNA | 21-12-2016 | 17:03 |

Kim Son fishermen (Photo: VNA)

Ninh Binh (VNA) – As the only coastal district in the northern province of Ninh Binh, Kim Son has paid attention to developing aquaculture and fishing as well as promoting tourism services. 

Located to the south of Ninh Binh province, Kim Son boasts large coastal mudflats where are covered with fertile alluvial soil. The district has considered sea-based economy as a main focus in its economic development strategy.

In recent years, the local authorities have increased the management and exploitation of coastal mudflats. They have also zoned off areas for breeding oysters, black tiger prawns, white-leg shrimps, crabs (Scylla paramamosain), Chem fish (Lates calcarifer), and grouper (Epinephelinae). 

In 2015, the district had over 3,000 ha of aquaculture, producing over 14,700 tonnes of products. 

In 2016, Kim Son has mobilised resources and attracted investment to promote aquaculture in parallel with improving the productivity, quality and sustainable development of the sector. 

Additionally, intensive and semi-intensive farming models have been also enlarged.

Along with the traditional sectors such as aquaculture, fishing and aquatic product processing, Kim Son is also known for interesting tourist sites such Phat Diem Church, Bai Ngang-Con Noi, and Kim Son mangroves forests. 

Kim Son has a coastline of 18 km with large mangrove forests, which serve as green walls to protect sea dikes and villages from devastating storms, and rising sea levels. The forests are home to a number of flora and fauna, including rare species listed in the World Red Book. 

In the coming time, the district plans to continue taking more drastic measures to effectively and sustainably exploit its maritime economic potentials./. 


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