Gov’t sets requirements for provision of maritime pilotage services

TTXVN-VNA | 29-12-2016 | 16:59 |

Ocean cruise ship SuperStar Gemini calls at Tien Sa port, Da Nang city __Photo: VNA

To provide maritime pilotage services, a business must be a lawfully established one and have at least 75 percent of its charter capital held by the State, according to Government Decree No. 70 which will become effective in July next year.

The new regulation, that sets out conditions on providers of maritime safety assurance services, also requires such business to have a specialized unit in charge of maritime pilotage. The head of this unit must be an expert pilot who possesses a university or higher degree.

The Vietnam Maritime Administration will assign pilotage areas and vessel navigation routes to these businesses, with each navigation route to be undertaken by only one maritime pilotage business.

Such business must also have a sufficient number of pilots with operational area certificates suitable to the assigned vessel navigation route, and have vessels for carrying pilots along the assigned route according to regulations of the Ministry of Transport.

To provide the obstacle clearance and removal service, a business must have a capital of at least VND 5 billion and maintain it throughout their operation, and use appropriate methods and equipment to clear and remove obstacles, without causing environmental pollution.

The new regulation, which replaces Government Decree No. 173 of 2007 and Decree  No. 49 of 2011, also specifies requirements for provision of maritime safety assurance services, including the establishment, operation and maintenance of aids to navigation and navigable channels and routes; notices to mariners; creation and distribution of maritime safety documents and publications; electric information on navigation; and import of flares.-

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