Foreign seamen must pay fee in order to go ashore in Vietnam

TTXVN-VNA | 30-12-2016 | 14:45 |

Foreign crewmembers must pay fee to go ashore in Vietnam__Photo: baochinhphu.vn

Hanoi (VNA) - From 2017, a foreign crewmember working on a foreign vessel during its anchorage at a Vietnamese seaport will have to pay USD 3 to obtain a permit to go ashore from 7:00 to 24:00 within a province or centrally run city having the seaport where his vessel is anchored, or he will pay USD 5 if wishing to stay ashore overnight, says Circular No. 138 of the Ministry of Finance.

The new regulation, which supersedes Circular No. 164 of 2012, sets a fee rate of VND 30,000 for Vietnamese and foreigners to acquire a permit for boarding foreign ships for working purpose. This permit is valid for three or 12 months.

Meanwhile, the fee for grant of a permit for operators of Vietnamese ships to get alongside foreign ships is VND 20,000.

Under the circular, Vietnamese and foreigners aged 16 years or older must pay VND 20,000 to get a single-use permit for carrying out press, scientific research and sightseeing activities relating to foreign ships. This fee rate doubles that applicable to those younger than 16 years of age.

Circular No. 138 also defines persons eligible for fee exemption, including crewmembers on foreign military ships who go ashore within coastal Vietnamese provinces and centrally run cities where their ships are anchored or who stay ashore overnight; and Vietnamese diplomats and consuls who go onboard foreign ships for official duty.

Fee exemption will also be granted for employees of diplomatic missions and consulates of countries whose military ships enter Vietnam and foreigners being guests of diplomatic missions and consulates of countries whose foreign military ships are anchored in Vietnamese waters.

Employees of ministries and sectors and administrations of coastal localities where foreign vessels are moored who are licensed to embark these vessels for working or sightseeing purpose, and Vietnamese and foreigners onboard foreign ships to provide relief or humanitarian aid for Vietnamese organizations and individuals, will also be exempted from the fee, reads the circular.-

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